Dyno Appoinment

Place your order for our dyno service, then fill out the contact form below to be given a date and time for you to come in. In the "comments" section, provide convent days and times so we can plan for you accordingly.

Failure to file the form will result in a refund.

Before your appointment, be sure to preform basic maintenance on your vehicle. An inspection of your vehicle will take place before it is loaded on the dyno. The check list is as follows:

Cracked, egged, chipped, cut, or flat tires will not be accepted

wheels in a condition we deem unsafe will not be accepted

Inadequate Engine oil level and condition, Coolant levels and condition will not be accepted

unsecured body panels, or any other possible safety risks will not be accepted.

If your vehicle fails our safety inspection, we will not provide our service and you will be rescheduled. If inspections are failed during the rescheduled appointment we will issue you a refund and cancel your appointment.

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