A must have for any drive-by-wire car! This throttle controller allows the user to control the sensitivity of their gas pedal. Most drive-by-wire systems have a very slow response when opening the throttle blade which can make the car feel sluggish at first when you push the gas pedal to go.

Tuners offer a 1:1 throttle mapping which greatly improves throttle response, but the throttle controller goes far beyond that and allows you to get as sensitive as you like with multiple modes that you can choose from on the fly.

Install takes about 10 minutes and setup is nothing more than selecting your desired setting. Works even if you already have a 1:1 tune, does not cause problems with cruise control and works with manual and automatic transmissions.

This unit is the Tro Potent Booster which is very similar to the popular Sprint Booster, but much less expensive with more options.