We have finished where our beloved Dustin left off… with the oil pump pnp mod! Our pnp allows for better oil pick-up and overall higher oil pressure at cold start and hot idle, which we all know is needed in these cars! We only need the pick-up section on the pump, not the whole oil pump, so uninstall and install is short N sweet.  There are only two purchase options at this time.


How it works-

  • Send yours in –  unbolt the pick up from the pump, save your bolts and send us the pick up only! We will do our magic and send it back to you. reinstall the pick up back onto your pump.
  • Core exchange – We have a few of these already ported, ready to ship. You will be charged a deposit fee with your order.  We send you the ported part. You remove the stock part from your car and install the ported part. Carefully pack and ship the stock part to 380P.
  • Our core exchange policy, can be found here…

Please note, we are not offering the purchase item option at this time. The 2 listed options above are the only options.