Want the most from your mods? A tune can get you there!

In Shop Tune – It’s an easy process. You purchase the tune you want, and we contact you to schedule your visit to the shop. You come to us, we perform a dyno tune (dyno tune is subject to dyno availability and will have additional fees). Takes about 1-2 hours, We give you a print out with your final numbers and a sticker. And you’re done.

Remote Tune – You will pay an extra but REFUNDABLE fee, called a kit deposit. This fee is your promise to return all the of tools I loan you.  I ship out the needed tuning tools and software to you, in a cool lil kit. You follow the directions and we show or Go tune your car via email. You pack my tune tool kit back up the same way it was sent, and you ship it all back to me, within 7 days after the tune is completed. When I receive my kit back in good condition, I refund your kit deposit. If my kit is damaged during shipping, the cost to replace or repair the damage will be taken out of your deposit. Pack my kit well, you get your money back.  The refund is only for the deposit. Not the full purchase cost.  Remote tunes are not available for custom tunes.

Tune Options

Show Tune (Canned)
  • Raised rev limiter
  • Pops and bangs
  • Launch control
  • Works with all octanes (87, 89, 91, 93) E85 requires custom tune!
  • No power changes
Go Tune (Canned)
  • All mods of the “show” tune
  • AFRs set to known good values
  • Timing increased
  • Boost increased (if applicable)
  • Throttle response improved (if applicable)
  • Does not work for vehicles with power adders!
Custom Tune
  • All features of show & go tunes
  • All power values are adjusted for maximum power for your particular setup including but not limited to timing, fueling, boost, VVT (Cam phasing), throttle response
  • Aftermarket/big turbo or externally gated stock turbo must have a manual boost controller installed at the time of the tune. We are happy to install one if you need us to, but this would be an additional cost and would require additional time.
TCU Tune
  • Current available for BK1 2.0, BK2 2.0 and BK2 3.8 trans.
  • Stage 1 increases the shift points so you can rev out higher like the manuals and take advantage of the a longer powerband, also disables auto up shift in manual mode.
  • Stage 2 includes all features of stage 1 and adds faster shifting.

How this works



  • Please make sure your car is in good running condition. This means no major or critical check engine codes, including O2’s, No leaks, No serious damage to your tires. A basic tune up, including new, correctly gapped spark plugs, fresh oil change, coolant flush and all fluids topped off is REQUIRED before your tune.  The brake system must be functioning properly, including the parking brake.  Please have a hood prop installed and functioning when you arrive for your tune.
  • 3.8T and big turbo cars MUST have an electronic boost controller installed before the tune. If you only have a manual boost controller, we will tune your car at whatever the boost is set to when the car arrives. We will not adjust boost on a manual boost controller while your car is on the dyno or during the tuning process. A MAP sensor upgrade is required for all 3.8T being tuned in our shop. If you didn’t buy one with your kit, we have a few in stock, available for purchase. 
  • E85 tune You will need a wide band, an ethanol content sensor and an E85 fuel lines.  We can not tune you if you do not have a wide band and content sensor. Depending on your car, you may need larger injectors to support E85. If you are getting an E85 tune, please bring at least 10 gallons of E85 with you, we can get the fuel for you, but we will charge a fee. If you drive your car to your tune appointment, please show up with a low fuel level in the tank. If your car has too much fuel in the tank when you arrive, we will charge a fee to remove the fuel from your car for your tune.


There is no guarantee on pops and bangs. We cannot control the quantity, volume or duration of the pops and bangs. Every car is different and you might get more pops, you might get less. No refunds if you don’t like the pops/bangs after tuning. We do not guarantee you’ll shoot flames and we do not offer flame maps.

No refunds on remote tunes for any reason once you have been sent a tune file. You may request a refund at any time before that. Shipping costs will not be refunded. Tuning done by us in person can be partially refunded, but only after the stock tune has been flashed back to the ECU.  No refunds will be given for cars that arrive to the shop in poor running condition. You will have the opportunity to reschedule one time if repairs are needed to complete the tune. You can cancel your appointment tune up until 24 hours before the appointment. Last minute cancelations will be charged a fee of $100 to reschedule or be refunded. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will need to reschedule. Late arrives will treated as last minute cancellations.

Tuning your ECU requires specialty equipment and processes that may results in a bricked ECU. We do take every precaution necessary to try and prevent this, but the risks are still there. In the event of a bricked ECU, you may need to purchase a replacement ECU or send your ECU off to get repaired which will incur additional time and cost. Changing your factory tuning parameters can be dangerous and can result in damage to the engine and/or other parts of your drive train. We work with experienced tuners to avoid these types of problems, but there is still the risk of engine damage caused by improper installation of parts, incorrect information provided to the tuner about your mods and changing your mods after the tuning process. If you plan to make changes after your tune, let us know BEFORE you get tuned! Changing your factory tuning parameters can result in your warranty being voided by the dealer and/or 3rd party insurers. We keep your original factory tune on file in the event you need to reflash back to stock, but this will incur an additional rental/flash fee.

By placing your order, you are  acknowledging that you accept all risks and agree that neither 3point8 Performance, nor Alphaspeed is liable or responsible for any damage caused by the dyno, failures that may results from the tuning process, or the tune itself. This includes, but is not limited to, body damage, engine damage, bricked ECUs and any additional costs involved in the process (e.g. new ECUs or ECU repair, replacement of damaged parts, loss of warranty).