The runners on the 2.0 manifold are imbalanced, which can cause the ECU to lean out the air-fuel mixture to meet the target lambda, but this has a negative consequence of causing cylinders run much leaner than they should.
Our Port and polish allows us to modify the runners and correct the imbalances, to help avoid the lean afr’s.

This BK1 manifold will fit on the BK1 or BK2.

*Please note* you may need to add a few washers to raise and line up some bolts on the fuel rail. This is normal. It is not a defect in the  manifold and is not an acceptable reason for a return.


  • If sending in your manifold, please make sure it is free from paint or coating. A cleaning fee will be deducted from your core deposit for removal.



Purchase options:
1.”Send mine in” means exactly that. You remove the part from your car and send it to us. We port it and send it right back. Turn around time for this option is usually 1-2 days after we received your part.

2. “Core exchange” We will port and polish a used manifold and send it to you. When you receive the parts, you remove the stock set from your car and send it back to us. Turn around time for this option is based on the current stock. We do our best to keep these in stock to minimize the wait time. Further explanation of the core exchange can be found under the “info” tab.

3. “Purchase a core” means you are buying a used set from us, we will port it and send it to you. You will keep your stock set and the ported set we sent to you.