These injectors are stock BK2 2.0T injectors that have been modified to flow far more fuel. These injectors are a great upgrade, since they’re stock injectors "plug and play" is applicable, they are also easier to tune for. These injectors are recommended when running E85 to prevent lean conditions on higher boost.

Purchase options:
1.”Send mine in” means exactly that. You remove the part from your car and send it to us. We modify it and send it right back. Turn around time for this option is usually shorter than the other options.

2. “Core exchange” We will provide a used (in good condition)  part to fulfill your order and send it to you. When you receive the modified parts, you remove the stock set from your car and send it back to us. Turn around time for this option is based on the current stock. We do our best to keep these in stock to minimize the wait time. Further explanation of the core exchange can be found under the “info” tab.

3. “Purchase core” means you are buying a used part from us, we will use it to fulfill your order. You will keep your stock set and the modified part we sent to you.